Open data jurisdiction

Ryoko Asakura traps Kyon


Asakura fights within her data jurisdiction

Data jurisdiction3

Nagato repairing data jurisdiction

Data jurisdiction space, sometimes called phase transposition space, is a space created by Humanoid Interfaces designed by the Data Overmind. It "overlaps" regular space, and if regular space outside can be seen, it appears to be "frozen". According to Ryoko Asakura, who claims to specialize in its creation, nothing can enter and leave once the space has been created, but Yuki Nagato, Emiri Kimidori and Sky Canopy Dominion interface Kuyou Suou have demonstrated the ability to break into and out of the space (in Nagato's case, she was granted permission by the Data Overmind).

If the space is damaged (which can occur due to something breaking in or out, or simply through manipulating it to attack someone) then a Data Overmind interface is required to repair it afterward. The space need not be repaired by the interface which created it.

Data jurisdiction appears confusing to humans, sometimes seemingly made of geometric shapes, but also appearing as ochre sand dunes with odd-moving stars if it has been damaged.

It first appears in the light novel: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, when Ryoko Asakura attempts to kill Kyon to see how Haruhi reacts. Asakura used it to hide what she was doing, but Nagato was able to determine what was happening and break into it.

A similar space appeared in Mystérique Sign, created by a more primitive data organism, with aspects similar to closed space.

It appears again in The Surprise when Kuyou Suou, Ryoko Asakura and Emiri Kimidori take part in a combat simulation.

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