Eiji Tsukada

Eiji Tsukada

Eiji Tsukada is a movie director and scion of a wealthy family.

As a child, he was considered highly intelligent. His academic awards were arranged in his house in an unusual pattern. However, his parents mistreated him, for instance, getting angry at him for only scoring second on a test. In order to escape, he began sneaking away from school and watching movies.

He eventually became a movie director, producing B movies such as Dragon Hell at first before moving onto other things. Some of his movies were even remade by other directors. He became very wealthy and famous.

One of his fans was Miyoko Yoshimura, who convinced the brother of a friend of hers to get her into a remake of one of his movies, even though she wasn't old enough to see it.

Meanwhile, Tsukada's parents moved out of their house. Tsukada didn't sell it. The neighborhood was almost entirely reconstructed, with only the Tsukada house remaining untouched, slowly falling apart as Tsukada didn't maintain it. It gained a reputation among some people, such as Miyoko, of being haunted. She had heard rumors that a family had been murdered there.

Tsukada inteded to do a documentary of his old life. While he didn't like the house, it reminded him of why he had gotten into movies in the first place.

While he going back to the old place with a film crew, Miyoko had convinced her old film-buddy Kyon, a schoolgirl Haruhi Suzumiya, and a schoolboy Taniguchi to explore the old place with her. They were surprised at Tsukada's appearance. Miyoko was delighted to see him though, getting his autograph and learning DVDs of Dragon Hell were now available for sale.

Tsukada explained to the interlopers why he had returned. Miyoko explained that her parents didn't approve of her hobbies (eg watching B movies or exploring haunted homes), but she would take pictures of the house, put it in her scrapbook and perhaps show the pictures to them, hoping this would help them understand her.

Meanwhile, Haruhi paid close attention to the pattern of Tsukada's student awards. According to time traveler Mikuru Asahina, the pattern became an important part of the development of time travel.

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