The Central Library from the outside

Disappearance Ending

Nagato at the Central Library

The Central Library, based on Hyogo-ken Nishinomiya-shi Kawazoe-chou (Nishinomiya-shi Central Library) is a relatively new library.

Kyon took Yuki Nagato there during a scavenger hunt and got her a library card, which became a treasured memory for her. Nagato would continue to visit; for instance, she did so at the end of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film. (In The Disappearance, Nagato maintained somewhat inaccurate memories of Kyon getting her the card at the library.)

Near the end of The Melancholy Nagato asked Kyon to take her to the library again (when he was stuck in closed space), but Kyon ignored the request, at least for a time. He took her there during The Intrigues twice, but this was so he could solve Mikuru Asahina's problem.

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