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Mystérique Sign Returns is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 4.

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The SOS Brigade follow up on the eight people who went missing due to the strange data entity from Mystérique Sign.

One of the victims is Kyon's grandmother. Kyon (and his sister) went to visit his grandparents, ostensibly as a family trip, but in Kyon's case, it was a rescue mission.

While there Kyon had to use advice from Itsuki Koizumi and Yuki Nagato to rescue his grandmother. Nagato gave him her glasses, which she had modified into a trap to destroy the creature.

Kyon, wearing Nagato's glasses, had to confront the creature in a well-lit location and stare directly at it, maximizing his visual "vulnerability" to lure it. Frightened, he called Nagato, who told him the task was "not hard". Unfortunately, Kyon had trouble, as the creature looked just like his grandfather when young (like Kyon, in fact) dressed in an Imperial Japanese Army uniform with a katana, advancing menacingly only him. Worse, his sister became interested in his activities and she showed up, putting herself in danger. Kyon couldn't even look toward her, but shouted at her to leave. Left alone, the creature jumped at Kyon, but as it passed through the glasses it exploded, leaving behind a small smear.

Kyon's grandmother returned to existence, having thought she had merely fallen asleep.

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