Nakagawa (中河)
Age 17
Gender Male
Occupation Student, former Esper

Nakagawa (中河) is Kyon's friend and classmate from middle school. He later went to a boy's school and played football there.

Unknown to him, he had developed esper powers as a result of Haruhi Suzumiya's influence. However, unlike Itsuki Koizumi and others, he did not learn the nature of his powers, and indeed was unaware he had any. In year 0, as Kyon and Yuki Nagato walked to the library, Nakagawa spotted them. His powers enabled him to see Nagato's connection to the Data Overmind and, seeing that as something mystical, he fell in love with her. However, he was too intimidated to approach her for quite some time.

In late December, year 0, he finally contacted Kyon to fervently ask about her (the conversation started in a muddled fashion, briefly causing Kyon to wonder if Nakagawa was confessing to him!). Nakagawa asked Nagato to marry him by asking Kyon to deliver a love letter to her, which he dictated to Kyon by phone. He even demanded that Kyon write out the letter and read it to Nagato "in the same tone of voice". Kyon was reluctant, thinking Nakagawa seemed so taken with Nagato he might start bothering or stalking her, but he delivered the letter anyway. Nagato seemed interested in the letter. Koizumi mocked it for being over-the-top. Mikuru Asahina thought it was romantic. Haruhi thought Kyon had written it, until he managed to explain what was actually going on.

Intending to meet Nagato at a football game, his psychic abilities were removed by her. This resulted in him breaking his leg. He later met Nagato and Kyon at the hospital, although it was just to confirm that she was the girl he'd seen before.

After that, he called Kyon and told him that he doesn't have the feeling of love anymore (he saw Nagato as a normal girl at the hospital now that he had lost his powers), so he told Kyon to "cancel" the wedding. He then talked normally with Kyon.

When Kyon asked Nagato about the "relationship" afterward, asking if she was disappointed he hadn't truly been in love with her. Nagato replied "a little".

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