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Show Must Go On is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 6. It focuses on Kyon's Sister.

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Kyon's sister insisted on going to North High's culture festival despite Kyon telling her not to go. Tsuruya dressed her as a maid at her soba cafe, where she became a big hit. However, she had disappeared.

She had gone to Itsuki Koizumi's Hamlet play (the one he acted in the culture festival in Live A Live). One of the actors had left a prop sword on the stage, and she had volunteered to retrieve it (her small size would be an advantage when the stage was dark). However, she couldn't get back from behind the stage when the bright lights came on, and in her maid outfit with a sword, she wouldn't fit into the play. Kyon set up a mobile barrier that she could use to make it back without being spotted. However, she inserted herself into the play, riding a fake horse and waving the sword around. Koizumi got into the spirit of things too.

Afterward Kyon was angry at her, but before he could yell at her for long, Tsuruya took her back to the cafe. She saw the problem in the play as free advertising.

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