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Tales From The Thousand Lakes is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 6. It focuses on Yuki Nagato.

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The SOS Brigade traveled to a pair of lakes an hour by train from the city. The three girls rented and dressed in priestess costumes. They were approached by a young girl who had lost her brother there. Haruhi told her that if she prayed to the local water kami, her brother would be returned. Haruhi and Asahina continued to "pray" with the little girl while Koizumi, Kyon and Nagato went searching for the little boy. Nagato pointed out the boy's backpack, which was floating in the water.

Koizumi searched the shore while Kyon and Nagato rented boats. Fog rose over the water. Nagato told Kyon that the boy had vanished from space-time. Meanwhile, Koizumi found the child. He called Kyon over and put him on a boat. They told the boy to pretend he had suffered memory loss, in order to create an aura of mystery for his sister. As Kyon brought the boy to her, the lake began to glow. Koizumi later revealed the boy had suffered actual memory loss.

On the train, Kyon asked Nagato why she had preserved the aura of mystery to please the little girl (rather than Haruhi), and she replied "beats me". When asked what she had done, she said there was already a distortion affect connecting the lakes, and that she had removed it, but to do more would have been "sacrilege". Kyon decided not to press her on the matter, saying that it was more romantic to do so that way.

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