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The Day of Sagittarius Aftermath is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 7.

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A few days after the Sagittarius contest, the Computer Research Society came for Nagato. When she returned to the SOS Brigade, she read a computer magazine on her computer. Kyon, noting the newsletter was unpopular, decided to hide her visit from Haruhi.

The Computer Research Society then invited Asahina to a session, which Kyon suggested she hide from Haruhi as well. The Society used images of Nagato and Asahina in their newsletter, which they used to recruit girls to their club (they felt safer knowing there had been female members).

Kyon noted that Nagato's visits hadn't "worked out", but she should still visit them if she felt like playing with computers. Meanwhile, Haruhi came up with names for the Computer Research Society (such as SOS Brigade I.T. Branch) and said she might visit them sometime (for the same reason the prime minister sometimes visits locals).

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