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Game screen

The Day of Sagittarius III is a game developed by the Computer Research Society in time for the Cultural Festival. Kyon did not notice the game at the festival, however. Afterward, the Society challenged the SOS Brigade to a "duel", with the loser having to give something to the other. The SOS Brigade would have to give back the computer they stole, plus a female member of the brigade, and the Computer Research Society would have to give the brigade the four laptops that they lent to the brigade to use to play the game.

The Society lost the battle, as Yuki Nagato discovered a backdoor they had left in the program allowing them to cheat. She canceled their backdoor and then led the Brigade to victory.


The Day of Sagittarius is a strategic war game that takes place in space. Each player has a fleet of 15000 ships that they generally control as one unit. The aim of the game is to defeat all of your opponents ships, or to defeat the opposing leader's fleet.

A distinctive feature of the game is that to find your opponents, you must deploy scout ships. If you don't do this, you wont be able to see you opponents on screen, and thus wont be able to attack them.

A secret command you can use is the ability to divide your fleet of 15000 into up to twenty separate squadrons, allowing more flexibility. A downside to this is that it's only humanly possible to control one squadron at a time. Yuki Nagato however, controls all twenty at a time due to her inhuman multitasking and typing speed, which helps the SOS Brigade a lot in their battle against the Computer Research Society.

Other VersionsEdit

By The Surprise The Day of Sagittarius V had been developed. It was an online game.

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