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The Perplexity game cover

The Perplexity of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi) (涼宮ハルヒの途惑い), sometimes called "The Rage of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "The Bewilderment of Haruhi Suzumiya", is a Haruhi Suzumiya Video Game. It was published by Banpresto.

The game has many subgames, such as an RPG, a visual novel and a "princess maker" dressup game.

At least one of its settings appears in Haruhi Suzumiya Theatre.


The main character is Kyon, and his job is to help Haruhi create a video game. The SOS Brigade can create a game similar to Dragon Quest, a robot game, a card battle, a board game, a dating sim and even a princess maker. (There are over 30 game types in total.) Kyon must give orders to the rest of the Brigade, including managing their timetables.

Game Info Edit

HaruhiSuzumiya Perplexity

RPG play

  • Released: January 31, 2008
  • Console: PlayStation 2
  • Adventure video novel
  • Fantasy RPG
  • Life simulation

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