Backstage with Haruhi Suzumiya By Henry J. Cobb

[The Haruhi Suzumiya characters are the creation of Nagaru Tanigawa, etc. No infringement of their rights is intended.]

My eyes followed God as he left the room. It was so hard to keep up my look of scorn. He was so brilliant, so magnificent, and I was so unworthy. It was all I could do to keep from leaping out of my seat, throwing myself at his feet and begging forgiveness for my sins, for even attempting to lie to him.

As the door closed behind him, I allowed myself to take a breath of air then held out my arm, "Nanites please," I said as loudly as I dared.

Mikuru and Itsuki continued to play their boardgame.

I turned to Yuki and said, "Yuki, hit me with the nanites please. He's making me fall for him again."

"So?" Yuki flipped the page of the book she was reading.

"So? You know what will happen. Once he has me melting all over him, I'm going to blab everything to him. The world goes poof, remember? Do you want a repeat of the time he trapped me in his own private universe?"

"Alright, if it'll shut you up for a few minutes." Yuki put her book down, leaned over and bit me in the arm. "Just leave me alone. You people are so boring that even though I'm plugged into all human networks, all of the time, I still have to keep constantly reading books just to keep from paying attention to any of you. No wonder Ryoko was the first to snap, having to put up with your whining in class all the time."

I rubbed my arm as I felt clarity return to my mind, "Well at least you three have super powers. I have to fake it all. And Itsuki, give me a little more warning when a closed space is opening so I can put up an act of annoyance or something. At this rate he's going to write me off as bipolar."

"I do the best I can Haruhi, but you're the one in the same class as Kyon and we even arranged for you to sit right behind him. Can't you read his body language or something?"


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