The yellow ribbon was half out of position in the girl's hair. She had been running so long that terrible night. She had lost her left sandal sometime ago and was just noticing her limp when her lungs gave out. She fell to the ground, crawled around the corner and with her back to the wall edged around to look behind her.

Nobody was there.

Suddenly the pay phone next to her rang and she looked up and stared at it. It rang two more times before she scrambled up to her feet and answered it. "Hello?"

"Do you see me, Haruhi?"

"No. Are you going to shoot me?" Her eyes looked in all directions, but saw no hint of motion.

"Kill you? Why should I kill you? I've done much worse than kill you. I've hurt you Haruhi, and I intend to keep on hurting you for the rest of your life. Live long Haruhi. I'll be watching."


"KYOOOON!" She screamed at the dead line, alone in the darkness.


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