Tender Oblivion
Cover Art
Single by Chihara Minori
Released February 24, 2010
Format CD

Yasashii Bōkyaku (Tender Oblivion / 優しい忘却 ) is a single containing 4 versions of the titular song used in the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

  1. Tender Oblivion (優しい忘却) - 5:39
  2. Tender Oblivion -sonority- (優しい忘却 -sonority-) - 4:32
  3. Tender Oblivion -sincerity- (優しい忘却 -sincerity-) - 5:11
  4. Tender Oblivion -Aru Hi no Yume- (優しい忘却 -Aru Hi no Yume-) - 3:12
Yasashii Boukyaku (Tender Oblivion) English Subs05:40

Yasashii Boukyaku (Tender Oblivion) English Subs

Yasashii Boukyaku (sonority)04:33

Yasashii Boukyaku (sonority)

Yasashii Boukyaku (sincerity)05:12

Yasashii Boukyaku (sincerity)

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